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After having been established in 2004, Autochartist was first applied to US Equities on an intraday basis. This gave traders a new perspective on using chart patterns in their trading. Instead of spending time looking for patterns, they could instead spend time deciding which patterns offered the best opportunities in the market.

Soon afterwards the quality indicators were added, providing even richer information to traders, while at the same time offering invaluable assistance to newcomers, still learning about technical analysis.

The next few years saw Autochartist growing quickly as a valuable trading tool for forex and CFD traders. Currently servicing the largest and most successful on-line brokerage firms and institutions, Autochartist is still advancing with new products, updated technologies and fresh analysis that gives traders an edge in the market.

With end users in over 80 countries and in excess of 2,000,000 charts viewed per month by our customers, Autochartist has established itself as the leading chart pattern recognition platform for Brokers, Market Makers and Educational companies across the world.

Product Leadership

Autochartist has still not been matched in terms of speed, accuracy, and information quality. Through a process of constant and continuous improvement, our service has been enhanced and iteratively refined.

Since 2008 the capability for identifying Fibonacci patterns has been added to our recognition engines, and incorporated in the Autochartist platform. This has given traders a broader analysis of key market levels, and together with the identification of horizontal support and resistance levels (soon to be released in Q4 2010), this suite of tools will soon redefine the way many people trade.

The Autochartist platform has been adapted for the web to give it more flexibility (faster updates, more frequent product releases) and broader reach, not only in terms of technology, but also in terms of language and culture in different parts of the globe.

Education, Support

Our aim is to offer our community of users not only the tools to use in their trading, but also further education on how to get the most from our services. Analysis is posted to our Trader Community web site on daily and weekly time frames, and webinars are offered regularly to anyone registered on the Autochartist web site.

We interact on a personal level with our clients, and would like to invite you to let us know what you like and dislike about our service, what you need for your trading, and how we can offer you more value.

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