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USD/JPY 3/12/2012 daily chart

The USD/JPY  has been very sharp, without significant correction to offer new buying opportunities on a dip. As we near 83.00, the market could be in exhaustion. The daily chart shows the price at an expanded upper bollinger band (3 standard deviation of the 200SMA). This a sign of a strong market going into the medium and possibly long-term (through 2012).

For the short-term however, we can be looking for a developing of a top. It is still too early to say because USD/JPY has continued to add higher highs and higher lows and continuation to 83.00 is very well in the scope of things. However, the 4H chart shows a possible wave count for an ending diagonal triangle. The development of the 5th wave suggest a scenario of topping coming up soon. The acceleration can be interpreted as a throw-over exhaustion before a correction. The first target for this counter-trend outlook would be the 81.00 pattern support.

Then if USD/JPY does top off and fall below the pattern support a possible target in the short-term is the 80.00 handle. In fact the 79.50-80.00 area could be seen as a potential area for renewed buying.

USD/JPY 3/12/2012 4H chart

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